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Card shopping for your spouse doesn't have to be complicated

For about $6 a month you won't have to visit the card aisle and you will have all the cards you need for the year.
(Cards for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, anniversary, birthday, and more - all done ahead of time.)

How it works

Subscribe now to be more thoughtful, and you will be ready for every occasion this year!

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1. Purchase your subscription today (about $6 per month)

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2. Your subscription box arrives in about 3-5 business days.

Your subscription includes

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4 Occasion Cards

(valentines, anniversary, mother's day, and birthday)

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Just Because Card Icon.png
Just Because Card Icon.png
Just Because Card Icon.png
Just Because Card Icon.png
Just Because Card Icon.png

6 "Just Because" Cards

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And access to notifications, relationship tools, and our social media sites.

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What our customers are saying

—  Darren E.

"I hate card shopping and thanks to you, I don't have to anymore."

Get Yours Now...

Still Not Sure?

Still not sure about the service? We understand. This could be the year you are #spouseoftheyear, but you may need to step up your game and we can help.

If you aren't feeling motivated to act now, check out our site and get comfortable.  Or sign up to receive notifications when our blog is updated or new relationship tools are added to the site.  (Like our recent blog on planning a successful Valentine's Day)

You can also follow our Facebook or Instagram pages for motivations and practical relationship advice and tools.

We hope you find our service valuable, but if not, you can still use our tools and blogs to inspire you to action in your relationships.  And who knows, maybe we will eventually win you over.

Thanks for subscribing!

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