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How to plan a successful Valentine's Day in 2022

Often, it's the little moments - good and bad - that accumulate over the lifetime of a relationship. These little actions or inactions will either elevate your relationships or tear them down."

Some could argue that Valentine's Day isn't a little moment, and in any given year, they are probably right. But years of Valentine's Day experiences can dull your senses and your ability to really come through for your spouse on Valentine's Day.

I love to plan, and the truth is that sometimes I would rather plan than follow through on that plan. This is why I created this you:MoreThoughtful service, to take some of the work out of occasions like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, and anniversaries.

I've been in the unfortunate position of being elbow to elbow with the other poor guys in the card aisle on the day before Valentine's Day, hoping and praying that the next card I grab is close enough to what I want to say so that I can leave this embarrassing scene. I've then grabbed some meaningless gifts and drove home hoping that at least one of the local florists might still have some flowers they could deliver the next day. Finally, I've jumped in front of my computer and booked a restaurant at 9:30P or some other terrible time at a sub-par restaurant.

Then I've dreaded the next day when she would open her crummy present, smirk at the most thoughtless card, and complain about eating at some time near our bedtime.

I finally decided I have had enough and created a plan to be more proactive so that I can enjoy Valentine's Day with my wife, instead of dreading it.

Collection of black valentine's day hearts

I want your Valentine's Day to go better this year too, so please use this plan - and I'm offering to remind you as I act on my own plan between now and Valentine's Day. Just drop me an email at and let me know if you want to be reminded by email or SMS. I'll shoot you a quick message every time a Valentine's Day deadline is approaching.

It's not complicated but for Valentine's, there are good deadlines for

Make this year the best Valentine's Day for you and your wife, download and print the plan above, and put it in action - and if you know anyone else that needs help, feel free to share.

Good Luck!, and let me know if I can help.

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