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you:MoreThoughtful Founder: Erich Shore

Erich Shore sitting on a recliner and writing in his thoughtfulness journal about you:MoreThoughtful.

Erich Shore:  Cultivating Thoughtful Connections

Erich Shore embodies loyalty, love, and devotion as a dedicated family man. Residing in Bozeman, Montana, he finds solace and inspiration in the majestic mountains and natural beauty surrounding him daily. With his loving wife, two sons, a daughter, and a faithful pup, Erich's life is a tapestry woven with cherished relationships.

While not formally trained in psychology nor a relationship counselor—and even admitting to never having seen "The Notebook"—Erich is driven by an unwavering commitment to exploring innovative avenues of expressing thoughtfulness in relationships. He acknowledges the complexities of nurturing thoughtfulness over time and has ingeniously devised systems to remain attuned to the needs of his loved ones.


The modern world's rapid pace can pose challenges to cultivating thoughtfulness, but Erich firmly believes that mere intention falls short. In response, he founded you:MoreThoughtful, a comprehensive service that delivers cards, gifts, timely reminders, and resources designed to guide you in both what to say and how to say it—a seamless solution, all in one place.

"As relationships unfold, it's the accumulation of fleeting moments—both joyous and challenging—that shapes their trajectory. These small gestures can either elevate connections or dismantle them." - Erich Shore


Beyond his role as an accomplished IT Product Manager, Erich is an ardent lover of the outdoors, a connoisseur of patio relaxation, and a devoted dog owner. The epitome of contentment is found in the company of his family, savoring delectable meals and exquisite wine, particularly during festive holidays. Erich's enthusiasm extends to exploration, where he embarks on new adventures alongside his wife and family. A proponent of longevity and health-span research, he embraces practices such as ice baths and regular Wim Hof breathing exercises. Notably, he's devised a unique system to monitor everything from nightly REM sleep to daily alcohol consumption.


Erich's journey into the world of technology began at the tender age of 11, igniting an enduring passion.  He pursued a dual major in Computer Science and Mathematics at Cameron University. He honed his skills in various technology-driven roles, evolving into an adept problem solver who fuses technology with business solutions. A brief yet impactful venture into recruiting culminated in the founding of AccuSource Group with his partner Brian Whitehill, synergizing relational recruitment with intricate IT aspects.

Why you:MoreThoughtful? Because within its embrace lies the potential for heightened thoughtfulness, richer relationships, and our unwavering support.

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