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you:MoreThoughtful Founder: Erich Shore

Erich Shore sitting on a recliner and writing in his thoughtfulness journal about you:MoreThoughtful.

Erich Shore

Erich Shore is a loyal, loving, family man with a loving wife, two sons, a daughter, and two pups. He is also the founder and creator of you:MoreThoughtful. He lives near McKinney, Tx, and hopes to relocate to Montana soon.

He isn't trained in psychology, and he isn’t a relationship counselor, he hasn't even seen "The Notebook", but he is continuing to find creative ways to express thoughtfulness in relationships. He knows that being thoughtful in relationships can become challenging over time. So he has created systems to keep him mindful of the needs of his significant others.

The problem is that today’s fast-paced world can make it challenging to navigate with thoughtfulness. He believes that intention isn’t enough, so he created the you:MoreThoughtful service to provide cards and gifts, reminders that prompt you to act, and the resources you need to know what to say and how to say it - easy and in one place.  

"Often, it's the little moments - good and bad - that accumulate over the lifetime of a relationship. These little actions or inactions will either elevate your relationships or tear them down."
-Erich Shore

Outside of his career as an IT Project Manager, he is an outdoorsy, patio loving, dog-owning, laid back guy. He couldn’t imagine a better time than being with his family enjoying food and a bottle of good wine - especially during the holidays. He loves to travel and have new experiences with his wife and family. He is also a big fan of longevity and health-span research and actions. He has been known to sit in ice baths and do Wim Hof breathing regularly. He has also created a unique system to track everything from nightly REM sleep to daily alcohol consumption.

Erich started with his first computer when he was about 11 years old and it started a love affair with technology. He went to Cameron University on a scholarship to pursue a dual major in Computer Science and Mathematics. After college, he worked in various companies, in and around technology. Over time he became an expert at finding technological solutions to business problems. After a brief stint in recruiting that saw him start his second business venture with business partner Brian Whitehill (AccuSource Group), he was able to pair the relational business of recruiting with the technical aspects of IT.

Why y:MT ?  Because you can be more thoughtful, you can have better relationships, and we can help you.

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