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Thoughtful card bundle in packaging, includes occasion cards and "just because" cards.
"Just Because" cards from the card bundle pack on You:MoreThoughtful.
Occasion cards spread out in front of you:MoreThoughtful packaging.  Includes birthday card, Mother's Day card, anniversary card, and Valentine's Day card.

What is you:MoreThoughtful?

Discover you:MoreThoughtful—a subscription that guarantees your loved ones are never let down by a forgotten occasion. With y:MT, you receive a comprehensive set of premium occasion cards for an entire year. From Valentine's Day and birthdays to anniversaries, special moments, and spontaneous gestures, we've got you covered.

Stay ahead with our proactive notification service, ensuring you're always timely in your thoughtfulness. Delve into our gift suggestions and find inspiration for crafting heartfelt messages that express your love to those who matter most.

How it works

Subscribe now to be more thoughtful, and you will be ready for every occasion this year!

Subscription Box Order Icon.png

1. Purchase your yearly subscription today.

Subscription Box Shipping Icon.png

2. Your subscription box arrives in about 3-5 business days.

Your subscription includes

Valentines Day Card Icon.png
Birthday Card Icon.png
Mother's Day Card Icon.png
Anniversary Card Icon.png

4 Occasion Cards

(valentines, anniversary, mother's day, and birthday)

Just Because Card Icon.png
Just Because Card Icon.png

6 "Just Because" Cards

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And access to notifications, relationship tools, and our social media sites.

Just Because Card Icon.png
Just Because Card Icon.png
Just Because Card Icon.png
Just Because Card Icon.png

How will you:MoreThoughtful help you?

y:MT can help you avoid the card aisle for the entire year.  


See how >>

Life gets busy and we forget things like anniversaries and Valentine's Day, but you don't have to. 


Find out how y:MT helps  >>

It can be difficult to figure out gift ideas and the perfect words to convey your love.

See how our coaching helps >>

Feeling appreciated is a basic human need.  y:MT can help you to be thoughtful and look good in the process.


"The smallest of actions is always greater than the noblest of intentions"

Robin Sharma

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