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About you:MoreThoughtful

y:MT is a service born from the concept that small actions have a big impact in your relationships. Without action, the intention is worthless. But intention that leads to action creates strong and fulfilling relationships.

The y:MT service is...​


We provide all the cards you will need for a full year. That's a Mother's Day card, Valentine's Day card, birthday card, anniversary card, and other "just because" trinkets and notes. That means no more rubbing elbows with others trying to grab the last card from the leftovers in the card aisle.  

We also remind you to act. You will receive a notification 2 weeks prior to each occasion, and a "snooze" notification 2 days before. These reminders will prompt you to complete your card signing and give you gift reminders and ideas. We even give you ideas on what to write in your cards. You always have complete control to customize your notifications and frequency.


Several times per year, we will remind you to do something simple for your significant other. Included in your Thoughtfulness Pack is a set of romantic cards and trinkets that are simple and act as a token of your affection for your significant other.


Even if you enjoy browsing through cards for hours at the local grocery store, having all the cards you will need for the year can free you up for other things in your life.


We estimate that men spend about 10+ hours a year on occasion cards (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthday, anniversary, etc.). This is often a last-minute scramble to meet a deadline so that you don't disappoint your significant other. Let us help you be more thoughtful while eliminating the time you spend stressing over cards and messages to your significant other.

Sounds super simple right, everyone should just do it, right? 

Recently, I was meeting with my men's group to talk about life and support each other. One of the guys in the group said he had something very serious to tell us about his relationship with his wife. His anniversary was this week and with all the craziness of Coronavirus, he had forgotten all about it. His wife was very disappointed and he felt terrible for missing out on an opportunity to let her know what she meant to him. 

Luckily, I always have a stash of cards so I pulled some out, and sent him the two that he felt would most resonate with his wife. 

If only he already had that card. If only someone reminded him to give it to her. If only he had advice and suggestions of what to say to make her feel special. Sure, he could have

-jumped in his car to scour the card aisle

-bought a card

-set a reminder on his phone

-searched online for the right words to say

-go online to buy a present. 

But he didn't remember and didn't make time for any of it! The y:MT service does most of this for you so that you can be more thoughtful, romantic, and still have more time.

We are certain that we can help you be a more thoughtful person with the people that you love.   Check out our product options and see if a y:MT subscription can help you be more thoughtful.

Still not sure if y:MT is a service for you?  Check out a graphic description of what is included in a subscription.

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