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What does it mean to be thoughtful?

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Today's world offers so many distractions that can divide your attention, watering it down until you have no time left. Work, relationships, parenting, politics, world events, and social media all compete for your time and headspace. If it is so difficult for you to dedicate time to your wants and needs, how are you supposed to be thoughtful of others?

A typical dictionary definition of a thoughtful person goes something like this:

A person that considers other people's needs.

Although this definition is technically correct, I believe it falls short. Thoughtfulness without action is just good intention! Good intentions never changed the world.

When was the last time someone said to you "Oh, you are so thoughtful?" I'm certain it wasn't because you are thinking about all the wonderful things you might do for them. Thoughtful people are recognized because they ACT on thoughtfulness. So I offer the following changes to the previous definition.

A thoughtful person is someone that considers and acts on fulfilling other people's needs.

In my upcoming blogs, I will discuss some of the reasons why it benefits us to be thoughtful. You will be surprised by the health, longevity, and relational benefits of being thoughtful.

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