How to Be a More Thoughtful Husband

Updated: Sep 23

Married couple sitting on a rock in nature, she is leaning into him.

Wanting to become a more attentive husband and growing your relationship is a common goal for many husbands. Even though becoming a more thoughtful partner will enhance your marriage, the main challenge most husbands face is making time to be thoughtful.

With work, business, kids, and personal relationships all demanding your attention; finding time to improve your marriage may fall through the cracks.

Figuring out how to make the space for the important relationships may be easier than you realize!

Often, it is the little moments – good and bad – that accumulate over the lifetime of a relationship. These small daily actions or inactions will either elevate your relationship or tear it down.

Your responses, in every moment of the relationship, determine if there is growth or setbacks. It is imperative to take each conflict and beautiful moment seriously, to respond healthily. Thinking of your partner often and making decisions on what is best for both of you will benefit your marriage.

Unfortunately, in today's world of busyness and competing priorities, it is easy to overlook the simple actions you can do to be thoughtful and better your relationship.

Good news! Improving your marriage can be easy if you put in a little effort.

Show your appreciation

Feeling appreciated and loved is important; everyone wants to feel wanted and loved in their important relationships. Show her that you appreciate her beyond her outer beauty by letting your wife know how grateful you are for her and that value the relationship. This will make sure your wife feels special.

Be grateful

Thoughtful man holding a grateful sign.