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How did you:MoreThoughtful start?

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Many years ago I was in a relationship that was, let's say, far from perfect. This fact was magnified on those special occasions like Valentines Day, anniversaries, and Mother's Day. The card aisle was daunting to me and it didn't help that I would postpone my card selection and gift purchases until the day of the occasion.

Not only was I one of those inconsiderate guys standing there on Valentine's Day Eve, but I was also faced with finding a card that wasn't overly loving, mushy, or romantic - so along with the ransacked card selection - my options were not great. After grabbing the least romantic card that said "At least we don't kill each other," I would grab some chocolate and a bottle of wine and be done with the whole embarrassing process. Defeated, I would drive home knowing that my procrastination had put me in this situation again - I wouldn't be winning any thoughtfulness awards this year.

The next day I was struck with an idea, "what if someone made this whole process easier for me?" What if someone could help me to be more thoughtful? What if I never had to visit the greeting card aisle again? What if I could be more thoughtful and spend less time and effort on it all? For the next several years I toyed with the idea of a service that could realize the ambitious goal that could make You:MoreThoughtful and a business was born. I'm working toward a soft launch in early 2021 to help all sorts of people in their efforts to be more thoughtful for the loved ones in their lives.

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